Stories of My Queenstown


My Community believes in the significance and power of stories and memory. As such, it organises Stories of My Queenstown, a monthly storytelling session where residents past and present gather to recollect and share interesting anecdotes about their time in Queenstown.

Among other things, attendees will learn about the estate’s many firsts including the island’s first HDB flat, first neighbourhood sports complex, first polyclinic and first branch library.

Past Event/s:

Stories of My Queenstown with Strathmore Resident Lee Hui Fang

19 October 2019

Born and bred in Margaret Drive, Hui Fang was very kind to share with us her experiences of growing up in Queenstown. She used to live at Block 40 Margaret Drive, a two-storey shophouse at the heart of the former Queenstown Town Centre. During her storytelling she fondly shared experiences of visiting Tah Chung Emporium, Margaret Drive Hawker Centre and Queenstown Bowling Alley.

Stories of My Queenstown with Conservation Expert Kelvin Ang

15 June 2019

Conservation expert Kelvin Ang shared about his life growing up in Singapore’s first satellite town, Queenstown. While many of his experiences were common ones shared by Singapore’s early public housing dwellers, some elements were particularly unique to the estate. For instance, he shared that the social status of a Queenstown resident was at one point linked to his or her ability to be able to buy and fry eggs.

Stories of My Queenstown with DJ Huang Shujun

18 May 2019

At our first Stories of My Queenstown session, Capital 958FM DJ Huang Shujun recollected her memories of the old Queenstown town centre on Saturday, May 18. As part of the series, the former Queenstown resident shared her stories of Margaret Drive Hawker Centre and Tah Chung Emporium with participants. During the 90-minute-long session, she walked audiences through the sights and sounds that were familiar to her from growing up in Queenstown.

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