Guided Tours

Be amazed by the rich pre and post war history of Alexandra. Personal tales help shed light on its hidden stories and old sites.
Be captivated by Queenstown’s icons,and discover the stories behind Singapore’s first satellite town.
Be intrigued by the area’s forgotten past and learn about how it evolved from a rubber plantation and military town to the dining hub it is today.
Be whisked away to the colonial past through an exploration of the city’s little known sites.
Be enchanted by the hilly neighbourhood and hear from the estate’s longtime stallholders and residents.
Be mesmerised by one of Singapore’s oldest neighbourhoods and hear firsthand about the sites and memories residents hold dear.
Be spellbound by narratives of Singapore’s old port city and uncover the stories of the area’s religious sites and hidden graves.
Be charmed by Singapore’s sole conservation housing estate. Discover its history through its beautiful architecture, culture, food and people.