Empowering the Community

My Community arms the everyday Singaporean with heritage research and management skills through a range of workshops tailor-made to suit the needs of different groups and organisations.

Its workshops equip participants with the technical know-how needed to conduct oral history interviews and cultural mapping exercises. Training sessions on effective community museum and heritage corner design are also available. In addition, My Community conducts programmes equipping participants on the essential skills needed to design tours and build up heritage brands.

  • Oral History Interviews ·

Oral History Interviews

My Community conducts workshops equipping participants with the skills necessary to systematically document oral history accounts.

  • Exhibition and Curation ·

Exhibition and Curation Workshops

From information gathering to artefact collection drives, My Community takes participants through the steps involved in curating an exhibition.

  • Tours ·

Tour Guiding Workshops

Experienced guides helm these sessions where participants are equipped with effective tour guiding skills.