Open My Factory: SingPost Mail Processing Centre


Imagine: a barefoot postman navigating our island nation, armed only with an umbrella. Contrast that with the sheer volume of letters and packages handled daily in our modern facilities.

Go behind the scenes: Witness the intricate sorting and delivery process firsthand and uncover the stories that connect Singaporeans through the mail.

Meet the modern-day postman: Ask questions, gain insights, and experience the dedication that keeps our community connected.

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Upcoming Event/s:

Open My Factory: SingPost Mail Processing Centre

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3rd Saturday of the Month
10am to 12pm
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Please meet at the General Post Office at SingPost Centre (10 Eunos Road 8, #01-125 Singapore 408600). The event will start and end at the same point.

TICKET PRICE (excluding Eventbrite service fee): $20

What you will see

Ever drop a letter and wonder how it travels across Singapore, or even the globe? Dive into the fascinating world of SingPost and witness the incredible journey of up to one million mail items processed daily!

Behind the scenes access:
• Watch skilled sorters and processing staff in action, expertly categorising letters and packages of all shapes and sizes.
• See how mail travels across Singapore and the world, marveling at the intricate logistics network.
• Uncover the secrets of handling returned mail, including those with underpaid postage and even missing addresses.


More Details

Who should come?

  • Participants must be 13 years old and above to participate in this tour.


  • Please come in smart casual which includes (1) a collared, modest shirt or blouse with sleeves, covered shoulders, (2) long pants (e.g. jeans) or skirts that cover your knees, (3) covered shoes. Please ensure that you wear toe-covering shoes. Please do not wear singlets, sleeveless / spaghetti-strap or low-cut tops, shorts or miniskirts, slippers or sandals. Thank you!
  • Participants are expected to don on high visibility vests for the tour.
  • Participants may be denied entry if they are dressed inappropriately.

What to bring:

  • Bring along your NRIC/Passport, a bottle of water and an umbrella.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own earphones (with a standard 3.5mm audio jack) as radio guides will be used for the tour.
  • Asthmatic individuals are encouraged to bring their inhaler.

Please note that:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour for registration.
  • Photography is not allowed at the event premises.
  • Parking is available at SingPost Centre.
  • Participants should stay with the group at all times, and are not allowed to wander off alone.
  • The tour will proceed rain or shine.
  • This event is not wheel-chair friendly.
  • All proceeds from the tours will go to My Community to sustain the costs of running the tours.

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