Paint My Queenstown


On the 4th Saturday of each month, a group of volunteers and residents gather at the back of the Museum @ My Queenstown to paint a mural. The community project which started out as a need to fill an empty wall, has since evolved into an opportunity for residents to showcase the iconic buildings of Queenstown through art and design.

Among the landmarks that have been depicted so far: Forfar House, the former Commonwealth Avenue Market and the Queenstown Cinema. During the course of the mural painting sessions, participants share heartwarming stories and memories of their time in Queenstown.

Past Event/s:

Paint My Queenstown: Community Mural Project #2

19 January 2020

The 2nd session of the Community Mural Project saw participants and volunteers actively involved in mixing paints and executing the artwork. Slowly but surely, the back wall of the museum transformed into a beautiful painting of some of Queenstown iconic buildings. Volunteers and participants also bonded over their love for art and the estate.

Paint My Queenstown: Community Mural Project #1

26 October 2019

The community mural project was kickstarted on the 26th of October 2019 with a very excited and talented group of volunteers and participants. The first session involved in-depth planning and preliminary sketching.

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