Community Festivals

Fiestas and Farewells

Usually celebratory in nature, community festivals present an opportunity for people to gather and partake in shared experiences. Such events generally enliven and inject colour into our lives, providing much needed relief from our usual run-off-the-mill routines.

My Community’s festivals typically honour and celebrate Singaporean culture, arts and heritage. The organisation seeks out diverse views in the design, development and execution of each festival and event. Its events promote and serve as visible manifestations of community identity where memories of the past and present collide.

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My Community Festival (2020 – Present)

My Community Festival is a ground-up initiative showcasing Singapore’s community stories through immersive tours, tastings and other cultural and heritage experiences.
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Tanglin Halt 50 (2013)

Guest-of-honour Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong officiated My Community’s Tanglin Halt 50th birthday celebrations.