Go behind the scenes and experience what it is like to be an archivist!
Interact with residents, document collective memories and map social networks.
Solve a murder mystery and have a fun night at the museum!
Reminisce about the past and say goodbye to beloved shops, spaces and community stalwarts.
Feeling festive? Join our events and activities specially organised for festive seasons!
Hear from established academics and researchers as they discuss a plethora of Queenstown-related topics!
Where do our e-waste go after we dispose of them in our recycling bins? Follow the journey of our laptops, hard disk drives, refrigerators, and more as they are collected and sorted at ALBA’s logistics sorting facilities.
Hop onto a shuttle bus and join us on Jurong Island, where we will be touring the PacificLight Power Station alongside Mr Kwong Kok Chan, one of PacificLight’s most experienced staff!
Ever drop a letter and wonder how it travels across Singapore, or even the globe? Dive into the fascinating world of SingPost and witness the incredible journey of up to one million mail items processed daily!
Join us on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of this plant, and meet with the drivers, crane operators, and engineers responsible for its day-to-day operations.