Exhibitions, Galleries and Museum Design

Highlighting Heritage

My Community believes in harnessing the collective wisdom of a given community to develop effective and meaningful exhibitions and galleries which stand the test of time. It operates on the understanding that a community and its members are active partners possessing the authority to interpret and present memories, accumulated experiences as well as artefacts. This approach has the added benefit of promoting and building a sense of ownership towards the stories and heritage at hand.

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Clementi Primary School (2020)

My Community is working on capturing the Clementian spirit through an interactive heritage corridor at the school.
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Tanjong Katong Girls’ School (2020)

The school’s legacy of nurturing outstanding leaders is one of the intangible values My Community aims to convey at the institution’s upcoming heritage gallery.
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Queen of Estates Exhibition (2013)

The exhibition, commemorating 60 years of history, highlighted Queenstown’s past and present. It was attended by more than 25,000 visitors.
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This is Home Exhibition (2016)

The art installation mapped out the memories of 10 residents living in Queenstown and recreated the layout of their flats.
  • Heritage Gallery ·

Nan Chiau Primary School (2022)

Nan Chiau Primary School marks her 75th anniversary since her official opening in 1947. The proposed revamp of Nan Chiau Primary School Heritage Gallery pays homage to the contributions of the pioneers and traces the remarkable journey of the school over the past 75 years. The heritage gallery is co-designed and co-curated with the students, teachers and alumni. 创新创意,与时并进 培育英才,激励人心 正直诚毅,勤奋进取