Reunions @ My Queenstown


Schools shape us. Recognising their role in contributing to the Singaporean experience, My Community throws reunions for the alumni of educational institutions based in Queenstown on the first Sunday of every month.

These sessions allow disbanded and dispersed communities to reconnect. In some cases it is also an opportunity for former students to bring life back to old corridors and classrooms in the lead up to the building’s appointment with the wrecking ball.

Upcoming Event/s:

Reunion @ Birkhall Primary School (Virtual)

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Sunday, 6 September 2020
2pm to 4pm
English, Others
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Zoom (Links will be shared with participants one day before the event)

Do you still remember the deep monsoon canal behind our school? Or the delicious chicken rice and poh piah at Margaret Drive Hawker Centre?

It’s been a long while, mates! Let’s catch up with our childhood friends and teachers from Birkhall Primary School on Sunday, 6 September 2020.

About the Virtual Reunion

  • We will be reminiscing our memories of Birkhall Primary School and Queenstown while looking through our old photographs and school uniforms.
  • So, please prepare old photographs of yourself, your classmates and favourite places in the school.
  • We will relive memories of our friends, teachers and school during the virtual reunion.

Museum @ My Queenstown

  • My Community is working with residents to collect old photographs, uniforms, school badges, yearbooks and other memorabilia of Birkhall Primary School.
  • Some of these memorabilia will be presented at the future community museum in Dawson (near former Margaret Drive Hawker Centre)
  • You may wish to leave your contact details and contribute these old photographs and artefacts!

Past Event/s:

Reunion @ New Town Secondary School

3 November 2019

On the 3rd of November 2019, 2,000 alumni of Queenstown gathered to reconnect at the former New Town Secondary School campus at 121 Queensway. It was a reunion filled with touching stories and laughter. Many took the time to reminisce about old times, with many recalling the deep monsoon canal in front of their school which would swell during thunderstorms as well as the delicious chicken wings which they used to buy from Commonwealth Crescent.

Reunion @ Mei Chin Secondary School

6 October 2019

On the 6th of October 2019, My Community held a gathering for former students, teachers and personnel of Mei Chin Secondary School at its old 1 Mei Chin Road grounds. Many fondly recalled digging into delicious carrot cake from the nearby Mei Ling Hawker Centre. The reunion was filled with joy, love and excitement.

Reunion @ Mei Chin Primary School

7 July 2019

Prior to the Mei Chin Secondary School reunion, My Community had held a reunion for alumni of Mei Chin Primary School at their former school compound. Many brought up shared memories of climbing into the area’s longkangs to catch tadpoles. This reunion was particularly special as we were graced with the presence of Macpherson Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling, who came down to show her support for the initiative. Many were delighted to meet her during the reunion.

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