Volunteer Engagement Activities

Building Bonds

Just as My Community aims to shape and connect communities in Singapore through arts, culture and heritage, we organise engagement programmes for our volunteers to meet fellow arts and heritage enthusiasts.

Valuing Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of My Community. Over a decade, an army of passionate volunteers have performed a variety of critical tasks for the organisation including administrative, operational, as well as research and advocacy work. Although a small team of staff have since come onboard, the bulk of My Community’s work continues to be driven by its volunteers.

My Community is determined to continue to actively engage volunteers to shape the communities it operates in and contribute to the country’s heritage landscape.

The organisation strongly believes in cultivating a conducive environment and platform for volunteers to gather and brainstorm. We organise engagement activities to glean feedback, and put together town halls, appreciation events as well as retreats to foster bonding.

Given our emphasis on community building, we recognise the need to build a strong community of our own so that we are suitably equipped to run community initiatives for the wider public.

Town Hall Meetings

Our volunteer engagement team organises regular town hall meetings where members can raise issues and meet fellow community arts and heritage enthusiasts.

We also organise Annual General Meetings where directions for the year ahead are set. At these meetings, our members are encouraged to scrutinise our financial statements and reports to ensure that the organisation is running effectively.

Appreciation Luncheons

Apart from formal meetings, My Community hosts annual appreciation luncheons and heritage awards ceremonies to acknowledge volunteers’ contributions. A volunteers’ appreciation luncheon which took place in February 2019 at the Museum @ My Queenstown is an example of one such event.

Volunteer Retreats

We organise both day trips and overseas retreats so volunteers from our different teams can mingle, relax and make new friends from other teams. In 2017, we visited the historical town of Ipoh in Malaysia where we took part in guided tours and visited community museums.

In 2018, we took a day trip to climb Gunung Lambak in Malaysia’s Kluang. Volunteers both young and old spurred each to reach its summit.

Our 2018 overseas retreat was held in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. There, we visited famous sites such as the Royal Palace and Choeung Ek Genocidal Center. We also visited other heritage trails and sites around the city, and spent priceless moments getting to know each other.