Festive Activities


During festive seasons, our volunteers organise a variety of activities and events at our museum. Think dumpling wrapping clinics and rangoli tutorials. These activities are usually open to the public and highly interactive. Do drop by to learn something new!

Past Event/s:

Let’s Celebrate Chinese New Year Together!

9 January 2020

Volunteers organised several activities during the Chinese New Year season which comprised basic Chinese calligraphy classes and lantern folding demonstrations. Participants were excited to learn something new and partake in the festive spirit.

Let’s Celebrate Deepavali Together!

24 October 2019

Volunteers organised henna painting, rangoli making and traditional Indian sweets tasting activities at the museum. Participants had a lot of fun being part of the Deepavali celebrations and learned a lot more about the cultural significance behind these practices.

Dumpling Festival at Museum @ My Queenstown

6 June 2019

Volunteers gathered to make rice dumplings together in commemoration of the Dragon Boat Festival. Apart from making plain dumplings, they also made flavoured dumplings, with fillings like red bean and taro. The dumplings they made were shared with residents and shopkeepers in the Tanglin Halt Neighbourhood Centre.

Other Programmes