Intangible Cultural Heritage Experiences and Workshops!


Step into the world of traditional crafts, food and rituals as My Community brings you to meet the craftsmen, feel the religious space and taste the food of some of our most important heritage in Singapore. Learn about the meaning and personal stories behind our religious communities in Singapore. Taste the spiciness, sweetness and saltiness behind our hawker food that shape the Singaporean tastebud both young and old. Feel the power of the machines as they churn out some our most favourite sauces and fishballs that we see everyday during our shopping trips in supermarkets. Get a hands-on experience in practicing some of our most traditional and ancient craft such as Rangoli, Flower Garlands and Tombstone carving.

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Traditional Chinese stonemasons engrave names and dates on tombstones and columbarium plaques by chipping characters out on pre-cut granite stones. Watch stonemason Raymond Toh demonstrate this dying craft at his workshop and experience firsthand the modern process of granite engraving through sandblasting and Gold Leaf!

Garland maker Jayaselvam is no stranger to big occasions – He has made garlands for luminaries including Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling, former Prime Ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong. Join him in an intimate workshop to learn the crart of garland making.

The temple is the canvas. Come join Singapore’s traditional artisan Mr Andy Yeo as he brings you around a century old temple to show you how effigies and Door Gods are created. You will be introduced to the various traditional techniques used in the restoration of religious effigies such as “Qi Xian Diao” (七线雕), “Jin Diao”(锦雕)and “Ni Diao”(泥雕)and explore the process of how Door Gods are created. In the end, you will be able to paint your very own Chinese mythology effigy.

Rangoli is a type of floor art which wards off evil spirits from homes. Since ancient times, the art form has traditionally been passed down from mother to daughter. Pick up the craft from Guinness World Record holder Vijaya Mohan who holds the title for largest rangoli ever made (she created one that spanned the size of three badminton courts!). Ms Vijaya will also walk participants of MCF2021 through a live demonstration of her craft and will share about the art form’s history. In addition, participants will get to try their hand at creating their own rangolis.

Print making is a traditional form of printing techniques that involve transferring an image from a template to another surface such as paper or fabric. Join Jimm Wong, famous lantern maker and Nian Hua collector for a foam printing workshop to create your very own print!

Kerala Mural Painting is an ancient form of painting that originated from the murals of some of the Indian temples. It contain many priceless information about Indian heritage. Many of the paintings depicted Hindu mythology. Join Rosni, as she walks you through the ancient art of Kerala Mural Painting, and use the painting techniques to create your very own bookmark.

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