Meridian Primary School Heritage Corner (2020)

Spotlighting Stories

Heritage corners shed light on the identity, spirit and history of an institution or a site in question. Collaborating with members of a given community, My Community develops an appropriate design, relevant theme and thoughtful content to showcase both the tangible and intangible aspects of the organisation or the area at hand.

Established in 2000, Meridian Primary School was the seventh primary school to open its doors in Pasir Ris to meet the educational needs of the growing new town.

Representatives from the school community are working in close partnership with My Community to document Meridian Primary’s history. The research and documentation will be folded into a new and interactive heritage corner.

To cater to the audience of mostly students, My Community will be presenting text content in bite-sized information nuggets. Photos, artefacts and evocative quotes from interviews conducted with alumni, teachers and students will complement the write-ups.

To provide even greater depth to the exhibition, My Community will be piecing together the history of Pasir Ris for site visitors to get better acquainted with the locale. The gallery aims to cultivate a sense of rootedness, pride and belonging among students, staff, alumni and the wider community.