Mei Ling Heritage Corner (2015)

Spotlighting Stories

Heritage corners shed light on the identity, spirit and history of an institution or a site in question. Collaborating with members of a given community, My Community develops an appropriate design, relevant theme and thoughtful content to showcase both the tangible and intangible aspects of the organisation or the area at hand.

Block 145 Mei Ling Street was converted by My Community into a kampung themed-exhibition corner. Residents, whom My Community consulted as co-curators, had selected the theme which pays tribute to the neighbourhood’s early days when it was home to the Boh Beh Kang village. The village had around 300 Chinese families who lived in two and three-storey attap huts at the foot of Hong Lim hill.

The heritage corner traces the war experiences of its residents, highlights unique anecdotes from the post-war years and pinpoints key community institutions integral to the area. The corner has brightened up and revived the neighbourhood somewhat thanks to the addition of kampung games, photographs, artefacts, 3D displays and community furniture inspired by the built heritage of the past.

Shaped by residents and built around their insider knowledge of their neighbourhood, the heritage corner continues to serve as a popular gathering point for people to meet and pass down memories of the estate’s history and heritage.