Clementi Primary School (2020)

Journeying Through Time

Heritage corridors take viewers on a journey of discovery of a given organisation or institution. They are designed to be multi-sensory and eye-catching. My Community takes special care to integrate thoughtful pitstops along the route to deepen a user’s engagement with the exhibits on display.

Established in 2001, Clementi Primary School is the amalgamation of Clementi Town Primary School and Clementi North Primary School. A strong Clementian identity has emerged since the merger of both schools almost two decades ago.

My Community has been tasked to celebrate this identity through the design and development of a heritage corridor. This heritage corridor will situate the heritage, identity and spirit of the school within the larger spatial context of Clementi New Town – Singapore’s eighth residential estate. In addition, it will weave the histories of both individual schools from the 1980s into a cohesive narrative. My Community is in the midst of engaging the student body as well as faculty and alumni to piece together the shared values, memories and experiences to go on display.

Among other things, My Community is conducting capacity-building workshops for teachers and students to familiarise them with the process of conducting cultural mapping exercises and oral history interviews to co-develop the corridor.

My Community is also organising guided tours of the Clementi neighbourhood to awaken and nurture heritage interest and awareness among pupils. Apart from My Community’s guides, students and alumni will be trained to helm these tours. A secondary aim is to build up a pool of heritage champions across each cohort who might be keen to contribute to the upkeep of the corridor when completed.

In addition, My Community will facilitate a democratic co-curation of the stories, memories and artefacts gleaned from engagement sessions with the student body and alumni. It will install community noticeboards and digital walls within the school compound for students, faculty and alumni to scan through and vote for the content they find the most appealing, relevant and relatable.