This is Home Exhibition (2016)

Multi-dimensional Storytelling

Exhibitions serve as platforms for multi-dimensional takes on history, heritage, places and communities. My Community goes the extra mile by tapping the ground and roping in the community to help in the retelling of key stories and to shape content and exhibits people want to interact with.

The multimedia showcase, held at the Queenstown Public Library and Queenstown Community Centre, explored how residents relate to their living spaces in the context of public home-ownership in Singapore. In collaboration with artists such as Núria Iglesias Rodríguez, Charmaine Poh and Sufian Samsiyar, the showcase touched on socio-political issues surrounding public housing in Singapore and explored the impact of high density living on the city and its people.

A total of 10 families living in Queenstown flats were paired with an artist. The families walked the artists through their everyday routines. In addition, they pinpointed sacred items, important memories and favourite corners within their HDB units. Building on this, the artists developed 10 individual art installations using artefacts and photos from residents’ homes and mapped them onto simplified recreations of their flats. The idea was to deconstruct and understand the idea of home to individuals living in the architecturally diverse estate of Queenstown.