MWS Senior Activity Centres (2019)

Walking Down Memory Lane

My Community’s tours for seniors encourage conscious #throwbacks to reactivate participants’ senses and reconnect them to a particular moment in time. The organisation facilitates and provides opportunities for participants to share and discuss their experiences and memories of yesteryear with friends present.

My Community believes in being age-inclusive. The organisation has curated special tours and programmes for seniors where meaningful interactions are facilitated and encouraged in the hopes of enhancing their mental and emotional well-being.

Some of the techniques employed by My Community include artefact-based memory sharing. Participants are encouraged to discuss items from their past and relate them to the group in a casual, conversational setting.

My Community’s sessions with the Methodist Welfare Centre’s Senior Activity Centres did just that. Facilitators from the community group took the elderly participants on a tour of Museum @ My Queenstown’s interactive displays and artefact showcases. Thereafter, they conducted a mental wellness workshop to encourage staff and volunteers from the Methodist Welfare Centre to tap on heritage to keep dementia at bay.