Goodbye Queenstown Driving Test Centre (2014)

Saying Goodbye

Bidding adieu to beloved landmarks and icons has become part and parcel of life in land-scarce Singapore. As a last hurrah, My Community organises events for Singaporeans to say goodbye to places they hold dear to their hearts before they are permanently erased from the landscape.

Former Queenstown Driving Centre

For decades, the Queenstown Driving Test Centre – the island’s second such facility – served as the starting point for thousands of Singaporeans interested in learning how to drive. Established in 1968, students were rigorously tested by the centre’s 14 strict examiners. The site was later occupied by a Neighbourhood Police Post. After the police post vacated, it fell into silence for almost a decade. With the authorities slating it for demolition in the 2010s, My Community hosted a carnival and exhibition to allow the community to say goodbye. It also organised a guided tour and a photo walk of the facility.