Queenstown Primary School (2019)

Boots on the Ground

History doesn’t always have to be relayed blandly through textbooks. In fact, more often than not they come to life outside the classroom. My Community’s tours for students take the young on routes across Singapore’s old towns and culturally rich enclaves, enthralling them with stories of their ancestors and predecessors. The aim? To cement their interest in local heritage.

Community heritage came alive for the students of Queenstown Primary School at a session hosted by My Community at its Museum @ My Queenstown. My Community’s guides took students on a walkthrough of the artefacts and multi-sensory showcases on display. They captivated students with myths, legends and stories about the estate.

In addition, they traced Queenstown’s history, sharing with attendees how it evolved from a swampy valley into a bustling prime estate now coveted by homebuyers and investors. Colouring exercises, meant to better connect students with the satellite town, capped off the day of interactive learning.