A mention of the name “Queenstown” and the ubiquitous rows of 10-storey HDB blocks at Tanglin Halt comes to mind immediately. Affectionately known as chap lau chu (Hokkien: 10 Storeys), these uniform blocks were one of Singapore’s earliest neighbourhoods built by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in 1962.

Tanglin Halt celebrated her 50th birthday at Tanglin Halt Community Plaza with an exciting birthday bash. One of the main highlights at the retro-themed celebrations were retired hawkers from the former Margaret Drive Hawker Centre coming out of retirement to whip up sumptuous and nostalgic meals for the residents – for one last time.

Mr Lim Thiam Chor, 72, is one of the pioneer hawkers at Margaret Drive Hawker Centre. He first started as an itinerant hawker, selling popiah (Hokkien: Spring Rolls) from his bicycle cart in 1961. In 1965, he started heading to Queenstown where he would peddle his poh piah at Margaret Drive, Tanglin Halt and the factories there. His savoury handmade poh piah achieved legendary status in Queenstown where his food stall was synonymous to Margaret Drive Hawker Centre. He retired in 2011 when Margaret Drive Hawker Centre was demolished.





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