Friends of My Community

Huang Eu Chai
Volunteer Guide & Trainer

“I spent my childhood in Queenstown – Tah Chung emporium, Margaret Drive hawker centre, Queenstown library. I love sharing my childhood expeditions with friends from all over Singapore.”

Mohamed Herrizad bin Ruslan
Urban Explorer

“I explore abandoned ruins, little-known places and pockets of nature within my community. I enjoy thrilling adventures right under the feet of densely packed city dwellers.”

Grace Tng

“I organise displays and exhibitions, document memories and research for heritage corners in Queenstown. I enjoy browsing through the collection of old photographs and artefacts which defines the heart and soul of my home.”

Alice Lee and Shirley Soh
Residents’ Ambassadors

“We have lived in Tanglin Halt for the past 40 years. We want to share our stories with the younger generation.”

Choo Lip Sin
Volunteer Guide

“The beauty of Queenstown lies in its old world charm – narrow streets, boisterous wet markets and lush greenery. I hope to do my part in saving for younger generations a vestige of Singapore in the 1960s and 1970s.”

Jasper Tan

“I conduct oral history interviews, collect old photographs and objects, and research on the history and heritage of my community. I love meeting new friends, hearing new stories and learning new things about my home.”

Sundramurthy Kumar
Residents’ Ambassador

“I pray at Sri Muneeswaran Temple. I enjoy sharing the customs and traditions of my religion to friends from all parts of Singapore.”

Angela Ow
Volunteer Guide

“Queenstown is my home. It is a charming estate with beautiful architecture and interesting stories. Many social amenities including the first branch library, first sports complex and first polyclinic are pioneered in Queenstown. I am proud of Queenstown. I am proud of my home.”

Ivan Ho
Volunteer Guide

“Heritage is all around us. It is pivotal to how we see ourselves and adds a sense of place in my daily life. I am excited to learn about the history and heritage of my community and share them with my family and friends.”

Victor Li
Volunteer Guide

“When I moved into Queenstown last year, I was touched by the warmth and sincerity from my neighbours. I hope to reciprocate this affection by sharing them with my friends.”


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