A Conservation Paper for the Historic Town of Queenstown
The Queenstown Story - Singapore’s First Satellite Estate
A Joint Media Release by My Community & Queenstown Citizens’ Consultative Committee


The Queenstown community is pleased to submit the Conservation Paper for the Historic Town of Queenstown for URA’s considerations in the upcoming Master Plan 2013. The Paper is a joint effort by civic society My Community, Queenstown Citizens’ Consultative Committee and Queenstown residents.

2    The conservation of historic buildings in Queenstown enables Singapore preserve important representations of her colourful past during the 1950s and 1960s. These buildings are proposed for conservation based on their historical and architectural significances, rarity in terms of building types and their overall contributions to the Singapore Story. As Singapore’s first satellite estate, the streetscape in Queenstown provides a lucid illustration of the evolution of public housing from the Singapore Improvement Trust-era to the Housing and Development period.

3     Furthermore, the myriad of social institutions and amenities constructed for Queenstown also serve as “third spaces” where people meet to forge strong family and friendship ties. They are essential for reinforcing “social trust and community networks.”

4    The Queenstown community understands that is impossible to conserve everything and there is a need to narrow down to buildings that can ideally play multiple functions. Therefore, we would like to propose the conservation for the historic buildings listed in Annex A.
Public Consultation

5    Public consultation is of paramount importance to the success of any form of conservation. In this exercise, more than 2,000 residents and students have pledged their support to the conservation of the historic core in Queenstown.

6    The story of Queenstown is where “past, present and future” come together. The streetscape of Queenstown serves aptly as a walking gallery of public housing, provides inspiration for the planning of satellite towns and incorporates the memories of generations of Queenstown residents, which must not be underestimated, altered or dismantled without sound knowledge or public consultation. Queenstown residents must be empowered to protect their past and plan for their future.

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About My Community & My Queenstown
My Community champions the preservation and propagation of history and heritage in communities and civic spaces. In Queenstown, My Queenstown carries out research, documentation and forging partnerships with various stakeholders to make heritage and civic life vibrant and enriching. My Community was formed in 2010 as a society under the Registries of Societies (ROS)