Dakota Crescent Heritage Assessment (2015–2016)

Detailed Documentation

Heritage assessments typically guide planners and decision-makers in charge of deciding the fate of a building or complex. Such assessments, which discuss the architectural, social and historical merits of a given structure, are in-depth and detail rich.

My Community conducted a heritage assessment study of a beloved neighbourhood – the picturesque Dakota Crescent. Home to 17 rental blocks built by the Singapore Improvement Trust in 1958, the authorities had slated the entire plot of built-up land for demolition much to the alarm of many in the heritage sector.

My Community’s assessment report of the site, as commissioned by the National Heritage Board, provided insight into the impact of the proposed demolition on Singapore’s built heritage landscape. Among other things, it detailed the architectural, social and historical merits of each structure slated for erasure and helped to guide decision makers on the appropriate step to take pertaining to the site’s conservation or redevelopment.

The combined efforts of various stakeholders in the heritage community resulted in the eventual decision to save some blocks on site.

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