Opened in 1 September 2011, the MOE Heritage Centre is a repository of memories where the best practices and values of educators have been enshrined.

The first schools in Singapore were Malay vernacular and religious schools found in the early 1820s. Before the British government started English-system secondary schools in the 1870s, Christian missionaries established mission schools whereas the Chinese communities operated its own schools.

The immediate postwar years were characterised by great shortages. In Queenstown, the government established Singapore’s first government Chinese school, Hua Yi Secondary, at Margaret Drive in 1956 and Singapore’s first technical school, Queenstown Secondary Technical School, in 1956.

Policies relating to the home economics, technical and science education were designed to prepare citizens to be productive persons within the national economy. Hence, Baharuddin Vocational Institute,  Singapore’s first tertiary school dedicated to manual and applied arts was established in 1965.


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