Built at a cost of $180,000, the Commonwealth Crescent Neighbourhood Centre was officially opened on 29 May 1965 by then Minister for Labour, Jek Yuen Thong.
The Neighbourhood Centre comprised of 26 shop units arranged around a quadrangle and 84 hawker stalls in the wet market.
In this Neighbourhood Centre, there are several pioneer businesses which you can explore: Sin Palace Hair Dressing and Beauty Saloon Sin Palace Hairdressing Saloon has been grooming the neighbourhoods male residents for the past 49 years. Ong Choon Kwee, the bespectacled proprietor of the saloon, is one of Singapore's last experts in the traditional art of ear cleaning.
Queenstown Poh Pia (Skin)
Popiah or spring roll is a popular snack which originates from southeastern China. Lim Thiam Choo's Queenstown Poh Pia has tickled the taste buds of numerous Queenstown
residents for the past 49 years. He first started out as an itinerant hawker, peddling along the streets at Tanglin Halt, Margaret Drive and Commonwealth Crescent. After retiring in 2011, his eldest son Lim Cheng Poh carries on the tradition of making pop skins by hand.
Hong Kee Congee
Simmered over low heat with constant stirring for over an hour to get the right consistency, Mr Hui's congee at Commonwealth Crescent Market is a popular way to start the day for many residents. The congee's smooth texture is typical of Cantonese  cooking, as are its ingredients, such as century eggs, pork innards, minced meat and raw fish.
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