The former Buller Camp along Alexandra Road was constructed by the colonial Works Department in 1938 as a training institution for the Singapore Army Service Corps (SASC). The military camp comprised an underground petrol storage tank, military transport sheds and accommodation for the SASC.

Prior to World War II, the 12th Sikh Police Contingent (SPC) and 42nd Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) were housed at the camp to provide transport and logistical support for the infantry units at Tanglin, Gillman and Alexandra Barracks
On 14 February 1942, a day before the fall of Singapore, Buller camp was set ablaze by enemy fire. The Japanese soldiers occupied and expanded the camp to incorporate office accommodation, cook houses and dhobis. Buller Camp was subsequently converted into a Prisoner-of-War (POW) camp in June 1942 to house surrendered Indian soldiers.

After the war, Buller Camp was used as living accommodation by the British forces for the 61st General Transport Company and 223 Base Ordnance Depot
In 1952, Buller Camp was demolished for the construction of the new satellite town, Queenstown.