Every morning on Thursdays and Saturdays, there would be a group of bird enthusiasts gathering at the void deck of Block 39A with their prized assets.

Watching the birds dancing and listening to their crisp and clear whistling was a hobby for many elderly residents. It was widely believed that the low ceiling and the many pillars at Block 39A provided a conducive environment for these birds to sing gleefully. Mr. Lee Cheng Aik, 56, was one of them.



Mr. Lee was first introduced to these little creatures by his friends during his younger days. Keeping these birds as pets was a constant source of contention among his family members initially. He had since learnt to clean the cages daily and feed the birds regularly.



“Listening to the birds singing can relieve stress and provide me with companionship,” he commented. “These birds share a special relationship with me. They give me joy and inspirations in life. It is a pity that I can no longer share this joy with my friends once Block 39A is demolished.”